Welcome to the AntiElijahGroup WikiEdit

Welcome to the AntiElijahGroup Wiki, the pro-lulz counterpart of the anti-lulz ProElijahGroup Wiki.

This is our wikia *Wikia that *where you will be happy and safe *depressed and terrified and also some information *lulz.

Rules Edit

1. Please make appropriate articles. DO NOT spam or vandalise or personally offend other people. We are a wiki for LOGGING drama, not expanding it. If you want to troll, do it at our sister site (

2. Don't spam.

3. Do not post porn. Wikia does not like it and will banhammer you.

4. Don't advertise. I'm talking to you, spambots.

5. Please do not make hateful articles. Use our sister site for that.

6. Try to spell correctly, but if you can't, that's fine too.

7. Do not create sockpuppets to evade a ban; you were most likely banned for this reason.

8. Most importantly, HAVE HEARTY LULZ!

Latest activityEdit

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